Our Team

A long-term financial plan is a dance – a mix of moving parts including your 401(k), taxes, mortgage, college savings accounts, social security, Medicare ¦ and the list goes on. Placing all these elements in one human being’s hands is a tall order. Which is why we don’t. Instead of “a guy,” here, you get a Team.

Your Financial Coach Team provides the tools, knowledge, and processes to not only manage all these components, but make them work together to pursue the retirement you deserve.

  • Owen F. Mulhern CFP®

    Owen F. Mulhern, IV CFP®

    Senior Wealth Coach

  • Jeff Mastronardo CFP®

    Jeff Mastronardo CFP®

    Senior Wealth Coach

  • Michael Traynor CFA®, MBA

    Michael Traynor CFA®, MBA

    Senior Wealth Coach

  • Meghan Tait CFP®

    Meghan Tait CFP®

    Senior Wealth Coach

  • Kevin Janiec CFP®, MBA

    Kevin Janiec CFP®, MBA

    Wealth Coach

  • Becky Mulhern IACCP®

    Becky Mulhern IACCP®

    Compliance Coordinator

  • Olivia Kryder CRPC®

    Olivia Kryder CRPC®

    Operations and Service Coordinator

  • Carmen Mulhern

    Carmen Mulhern

    Events Coordinator

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