Owen Mulhern - Financial Coach

Owen F. Mulhern, IV CFP®

Senior Wealth Coach

As the leader of the Financial Coach team and an experienced industry professional having worked at such firms as ING Variable Annuities, Merrill Lynch, and BB&T Investments, Owen takes pride in being able to connect with clients one-on-one and clearly walk them through the ins and outs of financial planning.

A former college lacrosse All-American and current triathlete, one of Owen’s favorite ways to explain the real value of working with Financial Coach is a fitness analogy:

If two individuals are on a mission to get in shape, and one pulls a workout off the internet to do on their own and another goes to a personal trainer three days a week, who will come out stronger?

It’s easy to assume the individual who is being monitored and encouraged by a professional will see results first, and Owen is quick to remind clients the same goes for planning your retirement, if you’re serious about achievement, you need a coach. “People say they want the best outcomes, but they don’t realize what they need to get there,” he says. “Sure, you can do some things on your own, but having a system of accountability and integrated support around you makes achieving those goals exponentially more attainable.”

And just like a great fitness regimen that works out all muscle groups, the Financial Coach approach to retirement planning takes into consideration all aspects of your life, the one you’re living now, the one you’re dreaming of, and all the possibilities in between.

“There’s no dollar amount that guarantees retirement success. Success in retirement is defined less by how much you have, and more by how you make it work. Really, this is a renaissance, not retirement. It’s 20-30 years of new careers, opportunities, and excitement. We’re the catalyst to ensure our clients’ best days are in front of them and that their money is neither the beginning nor the end; it’s the tool to live life.”

Wealth is created by living within your means and saving diligently over years. It's our job to protect what our clients have worked a lifetime to create, and be that angel on their shoulder that prevents any missteps.