Carmen Mulhern - Financial Coach

Carmen Mulhern

Events Coordinator

Money can be a taboo topic, it’s something we’re told not to discuss in public and that it’s bad manners to compare wealth. And those rules still apply to the Thanksgiving dinner table, but at Financial Coach, Carmen strives to let people feel comfortable with the topic.

“The feeling I want someone to get is that yes, finances can be intimidating, but we do such a good job of breaking everything down so it makes sense,” she says. “It’s easy to understand and real. It’s not overwhelming. It’s something you really can do. We’re all relatable and real. So please don’t put it off because it’s scary!”

In fact, part of Carmen’s role is to up the comfort level by arranging events, social gatherings, and informational sessions that allow clients to get to know the team better, and vice versa.

I'm a people person and I love putting a face to Financial Coach. One of the coolest things is bringing the clients together and humanizing the business. It's not just facts and numbers; it's a human experience.