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We live and work in your community, and formed Financial Coach to help you – someone who is determined to make money and investing the least of your worries.

We understand that this is quite a lofty goal, but one that we strive for in becoming your financial advisor.

With the staggering amount of misinformation and misdirection around markets, finances, and retirement, Financial Coach has built a team of passionate and credentialed coaches whose mission it is to deliver facts, evidence, and custom solutions to you. We know that when you select a financial advisor, you are putting your trust, your savings, your hopes – your life – in someone’s hands. We respect that, we are humbled by that, and we make it our mission to continually prove that you selected the right firm.

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Financial Coach has built a team of passionate and credentialed coaches whose mission it is to deliver facts, evidence, and custom solutions to you.

Financial Coach is a SEC Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) and the leadership of our firm consists of 3 CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Practitioners (CFP®), as well as a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA®) charter holder.

Why should this matter to you?

It may just sound like letters to you, but it’s one small way we can prove that when we build and implement investment strategies for our clients, we commit to providing each of you with a fiduciary standard of care – acting in your best interest. You might think that all financial services professionals do the same, but that is sadly not the case. The Fiduciary Standard is the exception, not the norm, but is certainly the expectation here.

Doing what is right for you is simply the right thing for us.

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Team member Team member

Mike is the Chief Investment Officer and a Senior Advisor at Financial Coach. With over 25 years of industry experience, Mike has worked at major financial institutions such as The Vanguard Group, Blackrock, the National Stock Exchange, JPMorgan, and Susquehanna International Group.  His perspective has been shaped by serving in a variety of leadership roles at these diverse firms. “In the … » READ MORE

Michael Traynor CFA®, MBA
Chief Investment Officer, Senior Wealth Coach
Team member
Team member Team member

While she now smoothly runs operations, marketing, and compliance for Financial Coach, Becky started her career as a journalist and didn’t know retirement planning would become the field for her. But under the tutelage of the team she found her calling, and she knows they can make it clear for you, too. In 2019, Becky earned the NRS Investment Adviser … » READ MORE

Becky Mulhern, IACCP®
Compliance and Marketing Coordinator
Team member
Team member Team member

Jeff began his career in 1999 with a small local insurance company, but knew something was missing in his career. In a world where bottom lines were more important than customer satisfaction, he craved an opportunity to be a more holistic planner for his clients and not try to hit a sales goal. “I knew that being more comprehensive was … » READ MORE

Jeff Mastronardo CFP®, CHFC®
Vice President, Senior Wealth Coach
Team member
Team member Team member

The team atmosphere and opportunity for personal and professional growth is what drew Meghan to Financial Coach and now as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Wealth Advisor, her duties revolve around the client experience. As a CFP® Practitioner Meghan is required to ensure that client interests are put first and that their needs are heard and addressed. “The client/advisor dynamic is very unique … » READ MORE

Meghan Tait CFP®
Senior Wealth Coach
Team member
Team member Team member

Money can be a taboo topic, it’s something we’re told not to discuss in public and that it’s bad manners to compare wealth. And those rules still apply to the Thanksgiving dinner table, but at Financial Coach, Carmen strives to let people feel comfortable with the topic. “The feeling I want someone to get is that yes, finances can be … » READ MORE

Carmen Mulhern
Events Coordinator
Team member
Team member Team member

As the leader of the Financial Coach team and an experienced industry professional having worked at such firms as ING Variable Annuities, Merrill Lynch, and BB&T Investments, Owen takes pride in being able to connect with clients one-on-one and clearly walk them through the ins and outs of financial planning. A former college lacrosse All-American and current triathlete, one of … » READ MORE

Owen F. Mulhern, IV CFP®
President, Senior Wealth Coach