Retirement Planning

At Financial Coach, retirement planning is what we do. But it is not what you think it is. For much of our industry retirement planning means selling the “product du jour” as the solution, and then hoping that everything works out. Not here. With so much riding on “getting it right,” we believe that you need a thoughtful, deliberate, and comprehensive approach to planning your future. The consequences of winging it, cutting corners, using antiquated methods, or even just ignoring it are earth shattering, while the benefits of a strategic planning approach lead to clarity, capability, and confidence.

The paradigm has shifted. This is not your grandfather’s retirement. The client’s of Financial Coach are experiencing a retirement life like no other generation before them, with improved health, technology, travel, and enjoyment. Many are creating new businesses or going back to school. Others are actively engaged with grandchildren and see this as a time of renaissance, not a time to ride off into the sunset.

Along with these opportunities to take advantage of, there are also dangers to avoid. A longer, more active life also means more pressure on savings to generate income. The pressure will only increase as we see the continued erosion of defined benefit pensions, while social security benefits lose ground to the rising cost of living. A longer life also means many of the new and rising costs are healthcare related, and many folks are not prepared or not being educated as to how to deal with them.

A question we get from many people is: “Who do we turn to?” With so much conflicting information out there, with so many people holding themselves out as “retirement planners,” and with confusion about who to trust, no wonder folks are either ignoring things or cutting corners. At Financial Coach, we draw the following analogy:

In medicine, you wouldn’t dare see a podiatrist if you needed heart surgery or a pediatrician if you needed a knee replacement. Would you? Then why in finance do people seek out retirement advice from insurance agents or brokers? Why do we continue to rely on product sales people to guide us through the most important family planning endeavor, and then why are we surprised when the outcome is less than satisfactory?

Other than your health and your family, is there anything more sacred than your financial wellbeing and independence? At Financial Coach, we provide the tools, the tactics, and the systems necessary for high achieving families to exceed even their own expectations. This new, exciting, and often uncharted time of life has unlimited possibilities and we accept the mission to help our clients achieve retirement lives they’ve only dreamed about.

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