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What are Series I Savings Bonds?

By Kevin Janiec, CFP®, MBA You have likely heard plenty about the current inflation environment. However, you might not have heard much about Series I Savings Bonds (I bonds).  Here’s a timely FYI on what I Bonds are and how they work: I bonds are inflation-protected, interest-bearing savings instruments that are purchased directly through the […]
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3 risks to your retirement savings

By Kevin Janiec CFP®, MBA You’re in your 60s.  You have more than $1M in your retirement savings.  You’re feeling ready to call it quits. Fantastic!  But before you put in your “two weeks” notice, consider three factors that might make your nest egg less valuable than you think: Inflation: Inflation has all of our […]
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5 Investing Pillars

By Mike Traynor, CFA It is always a good time to revisit the 5 Pillars that drive our clients’ financial plans.  We are sharing these pillars as a reminder of how we prepare and how we will continue to execute these plans going forward. If you have any questions about your Asset Allocation, Costs & Taxes, Rebalancing, […]
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Q1 2022

Quote: “There’s magic in breaking down big, hard, scary goals into attainable pieces.  ‘What’s the next smallest thing I can do?’  That’s the question you’re trying to answer.”  – Carl Richards, author of The Behavior Gap  Book As leaders in your families and communities, if you’re a rigorous thinker and you’re not satisfied with the status quo, […]
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Q4 2021

A few things that we’re celebrating, reading, listening to, and thinking about. Something to smile about Great news! Olivia is expecting a baby girl in February 2022.  We’re so excited for Olivia, Scott, Marlo, Tucker and their growing family.  Don’t worry- we’ve already discussed 529 plans with her! Something to listen to Episode #438 on […]
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Q3 2021

by Kevin Janiec CFP®, MBA Team Vibes: Summertime fun Whether you travel somewhere exciting or make your own fun at home, July is a great month to spend quality time with friends and family…So our team did exactly that! Must See Vibes Golden Girl: Relive the moment that Lydia Jacoby wins gold as her friends and family […]
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