It is not a guarantee, but great preparation and game planning improves the odds of success time and time again. The best athletes in every sport seek out the best coaches to provide them the “edge” necessary to compete and win. This edge can be delivered in any number of forms including motivation, technique, accountability, scouting, and strategy to name a few. The parallels between athletics and retirement planning are striking and families who have leveraged the expertise of a qualified financial coach are better prepared to win the game of life than those who have not. Plain and simple.

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The Retirement Gameplan is a multifaceted approach that provides the context and roadmap for the most critical decisions you will face both pre- and post-retirement. The Gameplan consists of a series of planning “modules” focused on Investments, Income, Insurance, and Estate Planning. The culmination is a comprehensive financial plan and a recommended implementation strategy.



“How do I get a paycheck when I no longer get a paycheck?” Sound familiar? Most people have worked a lifetime to build their nest eggs, and all too often have never been coached as to how to spend it in retirement. In Playbook # 1, we develop a custom income plan aimed at allowing our clients to receive a paycheck regardless of market and portfolio performance. Through careful segmentation and contingency planning, we provide the cutting edge techniques necessary for sustainable portfolio withdrawals, as well as techniques to help maximize pension and social security benefits.



Going from saving mode to spending mode is not only an economic event; it is also an emotional event. We find that folks who were risk takers while in growth mode have a meaningful change of heart when their employment income has stopped. They may not know it yet, but when the first sign of volatility rears its head in the markets, we are reminded by them that “this is all I have!” or “We no longer have a paycheck, and can’t afford to lose any money!” They become conservative investors overnight. So, how do we balance the economic NEED to grow, as inflation over a 30-year retirement is a killer, with the human NEED to protect? In Playbook # 2, we educate our clients on the realities of a 30-year retirement time horizon (and growing) and the opportunity to grow wealth and income with an evidenced based investment approach.

Second, we provide detailed investment recommendations that are tailored to the specific needs of the client. The combination of the evidence based methodology and the ongoing investment coaching provided by Financial Coach may lead to improved odds of retirement income and investing success.



There are so many potential dangers to a financial plan that are not related to a portfolio or the market and failing to address them can lead to permanent loss. A potential long term care need, a possible lawsuit, inevitable inheritance taxes, or loss of income, whatever the scenario may be it’s our job to educate you and put your family in the best position to manage the “what if’s.” Mitigating risk means planning for the unknown and that’s exactly what our Asset Protection playbook strives to do. You’ve spent your entire life working to build your nest egg, now let us show you the ways to protect it.



The importance of a comprehensive estate plan is front of the mind with Financial Coach. Asset allocation is important and cost management imperative, but if there is not an appropriate estate plan in place, all of the other planning is for what? As part of our Gameplan, you will engage a licensed attorney who will walk you through the estate planning process to ensure that all of your legal documents read the way you want them to and allow your assets to pass to those you care about in the most efficient way possible.



With the healthcare landscape constantly changing and costs continually increasing, we stand at the ready to help you navigate this convoluted area. Health insurance continues to be a buzzing topic and Medicare enrollment is a very meaningful event so your decisions must be deliberate and well informed. With the help of our licensed Medicare and health insurance specialist, we can provide the resources for you to make the right decisions for your family.

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