Investment Philosophy

At Financial Coach, we are evidence-based investors. We focus intensively on what works, what matters, and what we can control in the investing process. This also means that we avoid speculation, predictions, or pretending that there is some “wizard behind the curtain.”

Our investing process begins by recognizing core principles that evidence shows us to be true and meaningful. We create strategies  that reflect those truths, then employ the tactics and discipline required in aiming to maximize success for our clients.

For example, we believe:

  • Global diversification and asset allocation are of paramount importance.
  • Keeping expenses low adds an amazing amount of value over time.
  • After tax returns are the only returns that matter.
  • Markets are not predictable in the short run. They are not controllable ever, yet human intuition is at odds with these facts.
  • Avoiding mistakes is usually the most important tactic in investing.
  • Successful investing is somewhat boring, because it has no room for speculation.

When we design and implement investment strategies, sensibility and simplicity emerge as common themes. We integrate the investment strategy according to each client’s specific financial plan and personal benchmark. From there, ongoing investment management consists of overseeing the portfolios while managing investor behavior.

Our portfolio management process is driven by fundamental values:

  • Diversification reflects an acknowledgement of the basic premise of unpredictability.
  • Getting the correct allocation of assets among stocks, bonds, real estate, and cash is the most important step in anyone’s investment plan.
  • A “total return” approach to investing is superior to “yield based” investing.
  • Employing a rebalancing discipline adds value.
  • We insist on earning as much of the market returns as possible by reducing expenses and taxes.

Managing investor behavior is perhaps the most important determinant of long-term investing success. We focus continuously on guiding our clients away from poor decisions driven by anxiety, greed, or complacency. If acted upon, these emotional responses can be devastating to a long-term investment plan. At Financial Coach, we stress that one of our most important jobs as investment managers is to eliminate self-inflicted wounds wherever possible. We coach, teach, and consistently reinforce the truths that serve your interests.

Uncertainty is and always will be a part of financial markets and investing. We plan for the inevitabilities; we don’t try to predict them.

Investing involves risk, including loss of principal. No strategy assures success or protects against loss.

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Michael Traynor CFA®, MBA
Chief Investment Officer, Senior Wealth Coach
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Owen F. Mulhern, IV CFP®
President, Senior Wealth Coach
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Vice President, Senior Wealth Coach
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Carmen Mulhern
Events Coordinator
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The team atmosphere and opportunity for personal and professional growth is what drew Meghan to Financial Coach and now as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Wealth Advisor, her duties revolve around the client experience. As a CFP® Practitioner Meghan is required to ensure that client interests are put first and that their needs are heard and addressed. “The client/advisor dynamic is very unique … » READ MORE

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Senior Wealth Coach
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Becky Mulhern IACCP®
Compliance Coordinator