Becky Mulhern - Financial Coach

Becky Mulhern

Compliance and Marketing Coordinator

While she now smoothly runs operations, marketing, and compliance for Financial Coach, Becky started her career as a journalist and didn’t know retirement planning would become the field for her. But under the tutelage of the team she found her calling, and she knows they can make it clear for you, too.

“Retirement planning is something everyone relates to whether we know it or not,” she says. “We all want to retire in the best situation possible. Having this inside view has given me the drive and motivation to take care of my retirement plans. It’s also great to see the impact we have on our clients and how we can help them make a change for the better.”

For Becky that’s meant adjusting her own budget and upping the percentage she saves each month, and knowing the team as a whole supports her plans as well as those of every client that comes in the door.

A lot of people are fearful of big institutions and money managers, but we aren't that. We are so much more. We manage emotions, ambitions, plans, changes. An advisor doesn't just manage your money. At Financial Coach, it's a team that helps you manage your future.

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