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True value is created by advisors who tailor solutions to clients' specific needs and have enough respect for the client to explain "why?" When so much is riding on getting it right, Financial Coach makes transparency a priority and hold our role as your fee-only fiduciary partner sacred.

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Our Retirement Blueprint Process is the foundation for your financial plan and advisory relationship with Financial Coach.

Over the course of two complimentary meetings, we go deep into what makes you tick, your relationship with money, and your vision for the ideal retirement. We deliver to you specific feedback on the areas of your current “plan” that do not match your retirement vision. Our feedback is critical to understanding where you are, why you are off track, and how to get back on course.

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Our Retirement Gameplan builds the framework for your financial plan upon the foundation established in the Blueprint process.

This multifaceted approach provides the context and roadmap for the most critical decisions you will face both pre – and post-retirement. The Gameplan consists of a series of planning “modules” focused on Investments, Income, Insurance, and Estate Planning. The culmination is a comprehensive financial plan and a recommended implementation strategy.

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Once the Retirement Gameplan has been presented and reviewed, it is time for its implementation.

After signing a Client Agreement, we prepare the necessary documents to establish your investment, insurance, and estate plans. Executing your well thought-out retirement plan is really only the beginning of the advisory relationship with Financial Coach. Due to the significance of the changes being made, we remain deliberate and take pains to make the transition smooth and easy.

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Your Financial Coach on-boarding team creates a custom service plan to meet your particular needs and expectations.

Since life and the markets have a way of throwing all of us curveballs,  we commit to a disciplined and consistent review regime. As the benchmarks for your ideal retirement continue to move, your team will be prepared to provide timely advice, education, and necessary course corrections. Money, investing, and “making it” should be the least of your worries¦Financial Coach is determined to lead you there.

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How’s the view from where you’re sitting? Are you court side and comfortable, or are you worried you’re stuck in the cheap seats? Our team’s vast experience in every area of investment and financial planning can help you get a clear view of where you are now, and where you need to be. Here’s some insight into our gift for foresight.



February 6, 2020
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On Friday, January 17, 2020 the Standard & Poor’s 500 Stock Index closed at 3,329.62. This was the result of a spectacular 40% run-up that started the day after Christmas 2018.  Two weeks later to that day — last Friday, January 31st — the S&P Index closed a little over three percent (3%) lower, at 3,225.52, with more than half of the drop occurring on that Friday.

We were then invited by financial media to suspect that the blended value of the S&P 500 Index companies, some of the largest, best financed, most profitable businesses in American and the world, had “lost” three percent.  Not only that, were told that more “losses” were to come, due in large part to the outbreak in China of a new strain of coronavirus.

Permit us to doubt this, and to suggest that you — as goal-focused, long-term investors – join us in doubting it. 

We do not claim to have any idea how far this outbreak will spread, nor how many lives it will claim, before it is brought under control.  We are reasonably certain that many (or perhaps most) of the world’s leading virologists and epidemiologists are working on it, and we believe that their efforts will ultimately succeed.  Clearly, this is nothing more (or less) than our personal opinion.  

But, if the rich history of similar outbreaks in this century is any guide, this would seem to be a reasonable hypothesis.  We draw your attention to:

  • SARS in 2003-04, also originating in China
  • The “bird-flu” epidemic in 2005-06 [H5N1 avian flu]
  • In 2009, a new strain of swine flu [H1N1 influenza virus]
  • The Ebola outbreak in the autumn of 2014
  • The mosquito-borne Zika virus outbreak in 2016-17

On that first day of the litany of epidemics cited above, the S&P 500 closed at 855.70.  Seventeen years and six epidemics later (including the current one), this past Friday (January 31, 2020) the S&P Index closed fairly close to four times (4x) higher.   As of this writing (2:00 pm Feb. 6, 2020), the S&P 500 is trading at 3,345.07, not only erasing the “coronavirus drop” but now setting an all time high. 

The moral to the story, you ask? Make every effort to avoid long-term investment decisions based upon the headline of the day.  The coronavirus situation is serious, and absolutely should be addressed post-haste by the world’s economic powers, but should also be put into the context we mentioned above.  This difficult situation will be resolved, and in time, another problem/crisis will take its place.  Discipline, focus, and attention on your goals and your plan will ultimately be the factors leading to your financial and retirement success. In the meantime, we think the most helpful, and certainly most heartfelt, investment advice we can offer would be to turn off the television set. 

Your team at Financial Coach


The World Health Organization provides an archive of disease outbreaks by year,, along with an extensive historical timeline for each.  Additional information can be found on the Center for Disease Control (CDC) website and Wikipedia.

S&P 500 Index historical prices were obtained, as reported by the Wall Street Journal website, at

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March 25, 2020

Congratulations! You deserve to be recognized for doing it the right way. Financial Coach, like most businesses these days, is operating remotely.  With our office closed, each team member is trying to adjust to this reality while staying connected to our clients and their financial plans.  Each morning at 10:00 am, our team convenes for […]

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Jeff began his career in 1999 with a small local insurance company, but knew something was missing in his career. In a world where bottom lines were more important than customer satisfaction, he craved an opportunity to be a more holistic planner for his clients and not try to hit a sales goal. “I knew that being more comprehensive was … » READ MORE

Jeff Mastronardo CFP®, CHFC®
Vice President, Senior Wealth Coach
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Money can be a taboo topic, it’s something we’re told not to discuss in public and that it’s bad manners to compare wealth. And those rules still apply to the Thanksgiving dinner table, but at Financial Coach, Carmen strives to let people feel comfortable with the topic. “The feeling I want someone to get is that yes, finances can be … » READ MORE

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Events Coordinator
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Compliance and Marketing Coordinator
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Mike is the Chief Investment Officer and a Senior Advisor at Financial Coach. With over 25 years of industry experience, Mike has worked at major financial institutions such as The Vanguard Group, Blackrock, the National Stock Exchange, JPMorgan, and Susquehanna International Group.  His perspective has been shaped by serving in a variety of leadership roles at these diverse firms. “In the … » READ MORE

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Chief Investment Officer, Senior Wealth Coach
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Owen F. Mulhern, IV CFP®
President, Senior Wealth Coach
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The team atmosphere and opportunity for personal and professional growth is what drew Meghan to Financial Coach and now as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ and Wealth Advisor, her duties revolve around the client experience. As a CFP® Practitioner Meghan is required to ensure that client interests are put first and that their needs are heard and addressed. “The client/advisor dynamic is very unique … » READ MORE

Meghan Tait CFP®
Senior Wealth Coach