We are evidence-based coaches, and our job is to keep the "riff-raff" out of your portfolio ... and your life.

True value is created by advisors who tailor solutions to clients' specific needs and have enough respect for the client to explain "why?" When so much is riding on getting it right, Financial Coach makes transparency a priority and hold our role as your fee-only fiduciary partner sacred.

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Our Retirement Blueprint Process is the foundation for your financial plan and advisory relationship with Financial Coach.

Over the course of two complimentary meetings, we go deep into what makes you tick, your relationship with money, and your vision for the ideal retirement. We deliver to you specific feedback on the areas of your current “plan” that do not match your retirement vision. Our feedback is critical to understanding where you are, why you are off track, and how to get back on course.

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Our Retirement Gameplan builds the framework for your financial plan upon the foundation established in the Blueprint process.

This multifaceted approach provides the context and roadmap for the most critical decisions you will face both pre – and post-retirement. The Gameplan consists of a series of planning “modules” focused on Investments, Income, Insurance, and Estate Planning. The culmination is a comprehensive financial plan and a recommended implementation strategy.

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Once the Retirement Gameplan has been presented and reviewed, it is time for its implementation.

After signing a Client Agreement, we prepare the necessary documents to establish your investment, insurance, and estate plans. Executing your well thought-out retirement plan is really only the beginning of the advisory relationship with Financial Coach. Due to the significance of the changes being made, we remain deliberate and take pains to make the transition smooth and easy.

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Your Financial Coach on-boarding team creates a custom service plan to meet your particular needs and expectations.

Since life and the markets have a way of throwing all of us curveballs,  we commit to a disciplined and consistent review regime. As the benchmarks for your ideal retirement continue to move, your team will be prepared to provide timely advice, education, and necessary course corrections. Money, investing, and “making it” should be the least of your worries¦Financial Coach is determined to lead you there.

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How’s the view from where you’re sitting? Are you court side and comfortable, or are you worried you’re stuck in the cheap seats? Our team’s vast experience in every area of investment and financial planning can help you get a clear view of where you are now, and where you need to be. Here’s some insight into our gift for foresight.



by Kevin Janiec CFP®, MBA

“Focus more on your current trajectory than your current results.”

– James Clear

Positive Team News

Liv, Marlo, and Blake

Our team is thrilled to have Liv back in the office, and we’ll admit it, things seem to run more smoothly with her back at the helm. We’re happy to report that Liv and her kiddos are doing great!

A few proud parents from our team are happy to announce the following graduations:

Jeff’s daughter, Kayla Mastronardo, has graduated from The New School in New York City

Mike’s son, Will Traynor, has graduated from high school and will be attending South Carolina University this Fall

Owen’s son, Keller Mulhern, has also graduated from high school and will be attending St. Joseph’s University this Fall

Helpful Resources

By now, you’ve heard plenty about inflation and other things in the markets that are outside of your control. Here are 4 concepts within your control to keep in mind.

(1) With the market trading at a significant discount relative to the start of the year, check out this article if you’re considering putting money back to work: Investing all at once or dollar cost averaging over time

(2) Bear markets can possibly create better opportunities for Roth conversions: Vanguard’s guidance on Roth conversions

(3) We have the power to control the incremental changes in our lives that have a big impact over time: The magic of incremental change – Behavior Gap

(4) Both athletes and investors have found more success by moderating their approach to be more sustainable for long periods of time: Keep it Going – Collaborative Fund

Positive Vibrations

A wholesome grandpa has received an outpouring of love online after his daughter shared a video of him dropping souvenir seashells along a beach for his grandchildren to find.

**Read more: Grandfather’s 32-Year “Seashell Hunting” Secret Still Magical

Podcast Episode Recommendation

The Learning Leader Show Episode #483 is hosted by Colin O’Brady, a 10-time World Record Holder and New York Times bestselling author of The Impossible First. Colin’s highly publicized expeditions, which have been followed by millions, include the world’s first solo, unsupported, and fully human-powered crossing of Antarctica; speed records for the Explorers Grand Slam and the Seven Summits; and the world’s first human-powered ocean row across the Drake Passage.

**Listen here: Colin O’Brady – Doing the Impossible, Changing Your Mindset, & Crossing Antarctica Alone

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