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Q1 2022


“There’s magic in breaking down big, hard, scary goals into attainable pieces.  ‘What’s the next smallest thing I can do?’  That’s the question you’re trying to answer.” 

– Carl Richards, author of The Behavior Gap 


As leaders in your families and communities, if you’re a rigorous thinker and you’re not satisfied with the status quo, you’re likely on a constant pursuit of excellence.  This new book by Ryan Hawk compiles great stories, scientific evidence, and practical application of ways that we can all pursue our own version of excellence in life.  I highly recommend reading, listening, or gifting it to someone who comes to mind. 


When my father-in-law recently began substitute teaching, my family was a bit nervous for him… Until he received a letter one day from a 7th grade Math Class.  Read the full story here.


The War in Ukraine has inspired increased charitable giving from around the globe.

Whether you’re feeling inclined to donate to these humanitarian efforts, or support a separate cause, it never hurts to assess the tax implications of your donation.  There are ways to optimize the financial benefits of giving to certain organizations.  This article and the following tool might be useful to ensure you’re giving to a qualified organization that allows you to utilize certain tax-efficient strategies. 

Reach out if you have any questions.

Tax-Deductible Ways Of Giving For Ukraine (forbes.com) / Results for Tax Exempt Organization Search (irs.gov)


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