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Improve Your Trivial Pursuit Knowledge-Base

What is the longest-running cable TV event in history? The world’s deadliest animal?

Read more at There’s No Such Thing as Mosquito Week

[The link provided redirects to an original post by Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense.]


“A real optimist wakes up every morning knowing lots of stuff is broken, and more stuff is about to break.”

Where’s the optimism in constantly awaiting the downfall? And where does this leave the pessimist?

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Currently affecting some 47 million people, and expected to triple worldwide by 2050 —

When dementia seems like a speeding train headed straight ahead, these simple lifestyle changes may help switch the tracks.

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[The link provided redirects to an original post by Julia Belluz, Vox.]


“There is a huge difference between being an expert in medicine and an expert in healthcare.”

Similarly, being a great investor is not the same as running a great investment firm.

Read more at The Most Overlooked Trait of Investing Success

[The link provided redirects to an original post by Morgan Housel, Collaborative Fund.]

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