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“The majority of your lifetime investment returns will be determined by decisions that take place during a small minority of the time.”

From The Collaborative Fund Blog, “An explanation of market bubbles that doesn’t blame greed or incompetence, and a strategy to protect yourself from their inevitability.”

Read more at The Reasonable Formation of Unreasonable Things


“I attempt to solve the biggest puzzle in the investing world these days — the market sets record highs day after day but the public refuses to get excited about it.”

Joshua Brown of The Reformed Broker explains his theory on this quandary.

Read more at I’d like to solve the puzzle, Pat


“…One side of the brain essentially would take any effect or outcome and immediately assign a cause to explain it.”

In the world of investing, pure luck is often misinterpreted as skill. A look at psychology professor Michael Gazzaniga’s research of the human brain’s attempt to align cause and effect offers likely reasoning for this occurrence.

Read more at Split Brain: Understanding Cause and Effect

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