Olivia Mastronardo - Financial Coach

Olivia Kryder CRPC®

Administrative Associate

Organizational pro and administrative associate extraordinaire Olivia sees first-hand the hard work the entire team puts in to manage each client’s portfolio and plans.

“People think they come in, put their money in, and that’s it,” she says. “But there’s this day-to-day attention that we pay to each client and what may affect them. We try to stay on top of and ahead of every bump in their plan. There’s never a quiet day. It’s always ˜What can we do for this person?'”

And while it’s Olivia who will probably greet you when you call the office or pop in for a meeting, she wants you to know she’s just the first in a multi-disciplinary team that’s thinking about you every day.

“It’s not one advisor, we have a seven-person crew. That’s seven different heads that go together for every transaction, every move. More is always better than one.”

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