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“The surest way to go broke in America today is to get sick. And the surest way to understand the breakdown of trust in America is to study the business of healthcare…”

In her book, An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business and How You Can Take it Back, Dr. Elizabeth Rosenthal details what she’s learned during her time with a front-row seat to the “American drug bazaar”. The bloggers at 13D Research summarize her take on the pharmaceutical business.

Read more at The surest way to go broke in America today is to get sick


“Individual stock ownership offers both the hope of great returns… and the potential for disastrous results…”

Larry Swedroe reviews data from individual stock returns in the hopes of reminding the average investor of the risk involved when owning individual stocks.

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Oh, how things have changed… and stayed the same.

In business and investing alike, there is often an obsession with the attempt to predict change when a better strategy would be to spot the time-proven basics that will continue to remain the same. Morgan Housel takes a look at Amazon, a company that has continued to succeed for 22 years by developing strategies based around the “things that are stable in time”.

Read more at Betting on Things That Never Change






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