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Worried about bond prices?

Michael Batnick argues that these worries may be misguided.

Read more at: Don’t Fear the Reaper


People like to confirm what they think they already know… that’s a problem.

Cullen Roche and the fallacy of composition.

Read more at: Curating a Social Media Feed to Make Better Decisions


Interview with Jack Bogle

Michael Regan of Bloomberg Markets in a one-on-one with Jack Bogle.

Read more at: Q&A With Jack Bogle: ‘We’re in the Middle of a Revolution’


What can we do about short-termism?

Morgan Housel on why fewer companies are going public, why it’s a problem, and what we can do about it.

Read more at: The Bad Side of a Good Idea


Why does Mark Zuckerberg put tape over his webcam?

Arielle Castro considers the question, ‘What does Zuckerberg know that we don’t?’

Read more at: Internet Cameras And Masking Tape

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