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“Why is it that we have no more moral stamina than a noodle when it comes to keeping our New Year\’s resolutions?” – Anonymous quote

Having a well thought out and comprehensive retirement plan can provide you with a road map towards a comfortable and confident lifestyle for the rest of your life. But like most of our New Year resolutions, we have a hard time following up and taking the necessary steps. We always think that we have a good reason not to act.  Maybe you see yours below:

 “I don\’t know where to turn. Who can I trust?”

Anyone who is in or approaching retirement age has been burnt in their financial life. And, unfortunately, there are a large number of unscrupulous financial hucksters who are preying on people as they approach retirement. Financial Coach believes that retirement planning is a very slow, very deliberate process. We take you through a long, multi meeting process before we ask you to commit yourself. The old adages are usually true. If it seems too good to be true it is. If you feel pressured to do something, don\’t. And if you don\’t have some trust in the people you are dealing with, run for the exit and find someone you makes you more comfortable.  Start the Conversation to avoid these pitfalls.

“I\’m ok, I can get everything I need for my retirement plan off of the internet.”

The number of internet lies, misinformation and falsehoods are legendary. There is no central mechanism to screen the truthfulness or applicability of information on the internet. And there is no ability for law enforcement to keep up with, let alone stay ahead of, the websites attempting to defraud internet users, particularly retirees and seniors. Start the Conversation so that you can have an experienced and knowledgeable group that can sit down with you face to face. This could make all of the difference in your retirement life.

“I am financially set with my social security, pension and savings.”

You may have an idea of what your income and expenses will be when you begin retirement. But what is going to happen over the next 10, 15 or 20 years? What happens when the markets drop like a rock or reach a new high? How, when and how much income can you take from your investments, making sure that you won\’t run out of money in your lifetime? What are the health care issues now and down the road?  What will my spouse do if I am incapacitated or pass away? What will happen to our estate when we are both done with it? These are some, but not all, of the issues that need to be addressed and answered when you Start the Conversation to create a retirement plan.

Many of these reasons not to act are really other ways of saying what we are really feeling: I don\’t want to spend the time, money; to look unprepared/foolish in front of my spouse; to find out that we are not able to retire: to rely on someone else/someone I don\’t know.

Whether it is with the Financial Coach or another group, Start the Conversation about creating a comprehensive Retirement Plan with financial advisors who are fully experienced with all of the issues in retirement.

To Start the Conversation with us, please call 484-887-0452 or visit our website at www.financialcoachgroup.com to see who the Financial Coach is and how we can help you pursue a better, more confident and comfortable retirement.

By James H. McLaughlin CFP®

Financial Coach


2007 National Vital Statistics Reports – An individual approaching retirement at age 60 could be looking at least 30 years of retirement. The average age of death in the U.S. is 86.2 years in 2007 1 and growing, meaning half die before and half die older than age 86.