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“Why is it that we have no more moral stamina than a noodle when it comes to keeping our New Year\’s resolutions?” – Anonymous quote

This New Year you should do something that may not only improve your immediate life but will greatly improve and enhance what could be more than one third of your entire life, your retirement life[1]. This year don\’t just resolve but instead actually Start the Conversation with experienced financial advisors about your comprehensive Retirement Plan. We always think that we have a good reason not to act.  Maybe you see yours below:

“I need to wait until I get my taxes done, get my next statement.”

Your retirement life is going to last decades. The latest, most detailed, most specific and up to date information is not the most critical element to getting a comprehensive Retirement Plan. The most critical step is to Start the Conversation with a group that is experienced in dealing with all of the issues in retirement. We have had the first meeting of many a successful planning relationship with people who brought no documents to the meeting. What they brought was themselves and a sincere desire to be in a better place for their retirement future.

 “I don\’t need to do any planning. I know what I am doing. Why spend money for planning?”

Someone I greatly admired told me, “The smartest person in the room is the one who knows they don’t know everything.” Over our last 15 plus years in the Retirement Planning and Management business, the experience of Financial Coach and our clients shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that no single individual is able to grasp and deal with all of the complexities that a family faces in retirement. The issues are so numerous and in such a constant state of change that we need a team of professionals working full time to stay on top of them. Start the Conversation to avoid trying to do it by yourself which will undoubtedly leave risks uncovered and opportunities missed. For a modest investment of time and money, we can help you create a customized, comprehensive Retirement Plan that will give you confidence and comfort.

“My financial record/situation is a mess. I need to get it straightened out first.”

If you think you\’re in a mess now, it\’s because your current methods and practices in dealing with your financial life got you there. Do you really know how to straighten out your situation and do you have the time and a plan to do it in a reasonable time frame? We would suggest that the best approach is to Start the Conversation with financial practitioners who have seen all types of financial messes and have been able to help many households get organized and be effective in their financial management.

Many of these reasons not to act are really other ways of saying what we are really feeling: I don\’t want to spend the time, money; to look unprepared/foolish in front of my spouse; to find out that we are not able to retire: to rely on someone else/someone I don\’t know.

Whether it is with the Financial Coach or another group, Start the Conversation about creating a comprehensive Retirement Plan with financial advisors who are fully experienced with all of the issues in retirement.

To Start the Conversation with us, please call 484-887-0452 or visit our website at www.financialcoachgroup.com to see who the Financial Coach is and how we can help you pursue a better, more confident and comfortable retirement.

By James H. McLaughlin CFP®

Financial Coach


[1] 2007 National Vital Statistics Reports – An individual approaching retirement at age 60 could be looking at least 30 years of retirement. The average age of death in the U.S. is 86.2 years in 2007 1 and growing, meaning half die before and half die older than age 86.